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Please note: We are not a regular TGP we are a high quality listings directory, we do not list every gallery that we receive, our users expect a certain standard of erotica and we carefully select the best galleries to list. Please do not submit a site or gallery that is poor quality, contains images that are low-res, too small (less than 600 pixels wide for a standard portrait pic) movie clips that are tiny (at least 30 seconds long) or has ads, pop-up's, blind or misleading links as it will not be listed...

We have some basic rules as well below but even these don't guarantee a listing. The best thing is to get in touch (if we don't already know you) and introduce yourself: with some examples of your galleries just so your submissions don't get mixed up with the real garbage.

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* Galleries that we consider 'poor quality' will not be listed
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